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Shave Services

Old School Hot Towel​                                                       $30

Straight razor shave that includes shave treatment, steamed towel, mini facial treatment, after shave balm.

Head Shave​                                                                       $35


Grooming Services

Brow or Arch Detail                                                          $25

Improve the look of your eyebrows with arch or slight cleanup (discount may apply with other service).


Clean your pores and reduce blackheads. Facials have the ability to transform the average man into a nurtured, refreshed, and revitalized gent.

Express Facial:


Great for those short on time or to add to an existing service. Leaving your skin cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged.

Ideal for those with more time. This treatment eases razor irritation while cleansing and restoring skin. Leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

*Excellent for all types of skin.

Grooming Packages

Executive                                                                           $70

Includes Consultation  |  Ear/Nose Detail  |  Scalp Massage Shampoo

Eyebrow Detail  |  Haircut and Style  |  Hot Towel Shave

Mustache/Beard Trim  |  Mini Facial

The Corporate                                                                 $40

Includes Consultation  |  Signature Cut and Style  |  Mustache/Beard Trim with Razor

Basic Men's Cut                                                                 $30

Plus $5 for razor detail.

Young Gent Cut                                                                 $25

Cut and style 


Beard/Mustache Trim


Take a few minutes to groom up that mustache.

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