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Dejuan Bonds

DeJuan’s passion for cutting hair began at the age of 14 taking a pair of his mother’s clippers and performing practice cuts on brothers, cousins, classmates and a host of neighborhood kids. DeJuan is a product of the KC metro area and graduated from Ruskin High School. He received his barber training from EaLa Mars Beauty/Barber College. Read More


Aaron Wyatt


Aaron is the youngest of four children. Growing up my father was a straightforward disciplinarian, which at the time I thought he was too harsh. However, as I got
older I could see the wisdom in his words andand I can’t thank him enough for the way he raised us.

My dad was also the family barber, my brother and I immediately realized that a barber was not our dad’s calling. Years, later I began cutting my own hair. After some trials and errors, I gained confidence and started cutting my friends hair and naturally progressed to becoming their barber.


My first barber chair, the toilet in my mom and dad’s house.After I graduated high school I went straight to barber college graduating at the top of my class, passed the state board and received my license. At this point, I had no clue as to what barber shop I was going to work. I worked at Playboy’s Barber Shop in Kansas City, Kansas for a few months. A good friend, Rashima Kingsby introduced me to DeJuan Picasso Bonds, from day one we hit it off. In the barber world to date, we have become one of the most productive duos in the greater Kansas City area.


“...we have become one of the most productive duos in the greater Kansas City area..”



Born and raised in Kansas City Tony began cutting his own hair when he was 16 years old. Friends seeing his haircut, insisted he cut theirs as well. That’s when he knew he wanted to be a barber. 

Tony relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska and ultimately received his barbers’ license from the College of Hair & Design in 2013. Working at various barber shops in Lincoln, Tony began honing his skills and perfecting his craft. He returned to Kansas City in 2018 joining the Purple Label team as a master barber. Tony prides himself on being versatile and detail-oriented specializing in men’s hair cuts and beard trims. 


“...versatile and detail-oriented specializing in men’s haircuts

and beard trims.”




Jose Montanez

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